Tokyo,Japan 025

Tokyo is very confused. And it is anything.
It is a merit and also a demerit.

Wakabayashi,Setagaya (Showin-jinjya/松陰神社)


Tokyo,Japan 024

I'm sorry...
Moreover, it is a continuation of the travel report to Mt. Mitake...

Mt.Mitake,Oume (Mitake-san/御岳山)


Yamanashi,Japan 005

Though regrettable, the ocean of foliage in Fuji is famous as a famous place of suicide.
However, contrary to such an image, nature is very beautiful.

Aokigahara Jukai (青木ヶ原樹海)


Yamanashi,Japan 004

The view of Mt. Fuji from Lake Motosu is very cool.
The cat which is present in Lake Motosu is also very lovely.

Motosu-ko (Motosu-lake / 本栖湖)


Tokyo,Japan 023

I am sorry to have written persistently...
It is a continuation of the travel report to Mt. Mitake.

Mt.Mitake,Oume (Mitake-san/御岳山)


Tokyo,Japan 022

Although written the other day also,
this Mt. Mitake is such a wonderful mountain that Tokyo cannot be considered.

Mt.Mitake,Oume (Mitake-san/御岳山)


Yamanashi,Japan 003

There is a refrigerating device which Nature utilized in the cave in Fuji.
A silkworm and food were saved here a long time ago.

Fuuketsu / natural refrigerator (風穴の天然冷蔵庫)


Yamanashi,Japan 002

It went to the cave made by the eruption of Mt. Fuji.
There is also how to enjoy other than mountain climbing in Mt. Fuji.

Kawaguchi-ko (河口湖)