Tokyo,Japan 102

If you are walking the Tokyo may unexpectedly encounter the shrine.

It is not a tourist destination.
But what wonderful such a place.

Ikejiri, Setagaya


Tokyo,Japan 101

Familiar every time,
It is a photograph of Tokyo back road.

It still is confused!

Ikejiri, Setagaya


Tokyo,Japan 100

Finally we celebrated the 100th Tokyo blog!
Thank you for always reading!

At 100 th celebration,
I will upload the photos of Japanese Shrine-festival!

Festival of Japanese shrine, will be held on time usually in September.

"Komatsunagi Jinja / shrine"  Shimouma, Setagaya ( 駒繋神社 )


Tokyo,Japan 099

It is a photograph of the neighborhood park.

In the park there is a pond, we have a lot of ducks and turtles.
Turtle will have very very very much! lol

"Himonnya Park" Himonnya, Meguro ( 碑文谷公園 )


Tokyo,Japan 098

It is a back road of the town that I live in.

Narrow, small, old, dense to have housing.
It is Tokyo.

Takaban, Meguro


Saitama,Japan 009

Mountain shrine is nice.

The weather was bad.
But it was even more mysterious in its favor.

"Mitsumine-jinja / shrine"   Mitsumine, Chichibu ( 三峰神社 )


Saitama,Japan 008

From ancient times in Japan,
We pray to the mountain in various places.

All mountain of Japan is a sacred place, it is a nice place.

"Mitsumine-Jinja / shrine" Mitsumine, Chichibu ( 三峰神社 )


Saitama,Japan 007

It is a continuation of the previous river.
Views of Nagatoro River is a very elegance.

Nagatoro, Chichibu


Saitama,Japan 006

In nagatoro station, you go down the river by boat.

While riding in a small boat,
and enjoyed leisurely views of the Chichibu.

Nagatoro, Chichibu


Saitama,Japan 005

Normal "Torii" have a red color.
However, "Torii" in the Chichibu Shrine have a white color.

It is cool.

"Hodosan Jinja / shrine"  Nagatoro, Chichibu ( 宝登山神社 )


Saitama,Japan 004

The top of the shrine of this mountain, it will head in the ropeway.
There was a game room that was deserted and the shrine on the top.

"Hodo-san / mountain" Nagatoro, Chichibu ( 宝登山 )


Saitama,Japan 003

Chichibu has a long history, there is a culture of unspoiled.
However, it's still somewhere deserted.lol

"Chichibu Jinja / shrine" Chichibu ( 秩父神社 )


Saitama,Japan 002

This place is a bit deserted.
The top of the mountain there is a small zoo, but you have deserted also the Zoo.

But scenery and nature is great.

"Hodo-san/ mountain" ( 宝登山 )


Tokyo,Japan 097

It is a shrine that is in a small town.
Here, there is a memorial of the old Japanese soldier (kamikaze pilots).

Setagaya Kan-non ( 世田谷観音 )
〒154-0002 Shimouma 4-9-4, Setagaya, Tokyo

"Setagaya Kan-non", Setagaya ( 世田谷観音 )
"Setagaya Kan-non", Setagaya ( 世田谷観音 )


Tokyo,Japan 096

It is Shinjuku temple nestled quietly.
Colorful and beautiful origami is Yes decorate.

There is a grave on the back of this temple.

"Jyousen-ji", Shinjuku ( 常泉寺 / 常泉院 )
"Jyousen-ji", Shinjuku ( 常泉寺 / 常泉院 )


Tokyo,Japan 095

The downtown area, such as Arakawa,
There are many such as the old trains and old culture and the old amusement park.

"Arakawa Line" ( 都電荒川線 )
"Arakawa Line" ( 都電荒川線 )


Tokyo,Japan 094

Popular with tourists, it was a walk in the Ginza Yanaka.
Why popular for tourists, I do not know.

Than this place, it is interesting that I went to Kamakura and Hakone.

"Yanaka Ginza", Taito ( 谷中銀座 )
"Yanaka Ginza", Taito ( 谷中銀座 )


Tokyo,Japan 093

Very nice sight!
I was taken with iphone, but I was able to take beautiful pictures.

Sunset and lover. Yeah, great.

Futako-Tamagawa, Setagaya
Futako-Tamagawa, Setagaya


Tokyo,Japan 092

Some Kichijoji of Inokashira Park,
It is a very popular city in Japan of young people.

Fashionable shops There is also a lot, there is also a park,
its location is blessed with nature.

"Inokashira Park", Mitaka ( 井の頭公園 )
"Inokashira Park", Mitaka ( 井の頭公園 )
Individual boat, you can enjoy at about $ 7 per hour.
I think that it is a little high ...


Kanagawa,Japan 017

"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji / Temple" Vol. 4/4

And to see all of the temple is a very very.
I must not not Ika climbing to place very high.

The top of the temple to see from below, seemed like a heaven ...

"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji/ Temple"
1157, Daiyu-cho, Minami-ashigara, Kanagawa

"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji / Temple", Odawara
"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji / Temple", Odawara ( 大雄山 最乗寺 )
Very long, the end of the stairs.
It is a 350-step staircase.


Kanagawa,Japan 016

"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji / Temple" Vol. 3/4

Temple has been protected by the "Tengu (long‐nosed goblin)".

"Tengu are a type of legendary creature found in Japanese folk religion and are also considered a type of Shinto god (kami) or yōkai (supernatural beings). "
~wikipedia "Tengu"~

"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji/ Temple"
1157, Daiyu-cho, Minami-ashigara, Kanagawa

"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji / Temple", Odawara
"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji / Temple", Odawara ( 大雄山 最乗寺 )


Kanagawa,Japan 015

"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji / Temple" Vol. 2/4

This mystical mountains and temple, there is a lot of buildings and objects.
All of which has a very mysterious power.

To me it was and feel like mystical power was dwells...

"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji/ Temple"
1157, Daiyu-cho, Minami-ashigara, Kanagawa

"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji / Temple", Odawara
"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji / Temple", Odawara ( 大雄山 最乗寺 )


Kanagawa,Japan 014

"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji / Temple" Vol. 1/4

I've done, it was the best of the temple.
Mysterious mountain and the temple so far have never seen.

This is a mountain that mysterious force exists.
I was like entering the world of different dimension.

"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji/ Temple"
1157, Daiyu-cho, Minami-ashigara, Kanagawa

"Daiyuzan Saijo-ji / Temple", Odawara ( 大雄山 最乗寺 )


Kanagawa,Japan 013

This is the shop of Japan buckwheat.
Soba, udon, tendon, such as tempura is delicious.
Recommended by this store is grated yam soba.

In addition, we've uploaded an additional photo of Hakone Shrine.

Hakone, Ashigara ( 箱根 )


Kanagawa,Japan 012

Hakone journey still continues.
And I'm sorry at the same place over and over again.

This time, I will introduce a Japanese garden with a waterfall.

"Tensei-en", Hakokne ( 天成園, 玉簾の滝 )


Kanagawa,Japan 011

When you go to the land I do not know, let's go into back streets without fear!
There may be a great experience there.

Because, Japan hides a great location.

Hakone, Ashigara ( 箱根 )


Kanagawa,Japan 010

Hakone Shrine is a venerable great shrine.
Unlike Christianity and Islam here, there is a legend that there are three people of God.

Money luck, love luck, luck game, such as prosperous business is said to power up.

"Hakone-Jinja / shrine"
〒250-0522 Motohakone 80-1, Hakone, Ashigara, Kanagawa

"Hakone-Jinjya / Shrine", Hakone ( 箱根神社 )


Kanagawa,Japan 009

There are also many shrines and temples in Hakone.
There are also God's path into the lake.

Even so, Japan tourist destination there are many people ...

"Kumano-Jinjya", Hakone ( 熊野神社 )
Here is where you cleanse your hands.


Kanagawa,Japan 008

Hakone Onsen very close from Tokyo.
Also to some "ONSEN(hot springs)", to some traditional crafts, there is also a wilderness.

I will occasionally visit for relaxation.

Hakone, Ashigara ( 箱根 )


Okinawa,Japan 016

Miyakojima journey also is the end at last.
Quiet and beautiful lovely island. I love it. I'll come back later.

And I will return to Tokyo that is cluttered with noisy ...

Irabu-jima Island ( 伊良部島 )


Okinawa,Japan 015

In Miyakojima, also exists mangrove,
such as tropical rain forests.

The mangrove is a little small, but it is a nice place.

"Shimajiri mangrobu", Miyako-jima ( 島尻マングローブ林 )
"Shimajiri mangrobu", Miyako-jima ( 島尻マングローブ林 )


Okinawa,Japan 014

In the past was also introduced, once again.
It is a bridge, such as the roller coaster on the sea.

After crossing this bridge from Miyakojima Island,
it will arrive in Irabujima Island.

"Irabu-Ohashi / Bridge", Miyakojima ( 伊良部大橋 )
"Irabu-Ohashi / Bridge", Miyakojima ( 伊良部大橋 )


Tokyo,Japan 091

The Inokashira Park, there is also a zoo.
Among them are running around very cute squirrel.

"Inokashira Park", Mitaka
"Inokashira Park", Mitaka ( 井の頭公園 )


Okinawa,Japan 013

In Miyakojima of back road,
there are still shops and culture are old.

Wow, the roadside had banana also grew.

Shimosato-Oodoori Street, Miyako-jima ( 下里大通り )
Shimosato-Oodoori Street, Miyako-jima ( 下里大通り )
This is the shop that manufactures salt.


Tokyo,Japan 090

Meguro Station, there are many delicious restaurants.
Sushi, ramen noodles, Chinese food, buckwheat (soba), curry, steak etc.

And there a lot of very steep hill ...



Okinawa,Japan 012

Okinawa the sea, really beautiful.
I will say it again and again. The sea is really beautiful.

Oh ...?   I found a sunken ship!

Irabu-jima Island ( 伊良部島 )
This ship seems to Singapore ship ran aground in 2013.
Not found the ship also responsible, money to be removed there is no ....


Okinawa,Japan 011

Miyakojima of the sea is very nice.
But nice is not the only sea.

If you go to the back of the mall, there is a very charming town.

Irabu-jima Island ( 伊良部島 )


Okinawa,Japan 010

Miyakojima sea is wonderful. It's so beautiful.
Since the typhoon was approaching this time, the sea was a little cloudy.

I hope that forever is a beautiful Okinawa sea.

Sunayama Beach, Miyako-jima ( 砂山ビーチ )


Okinawa,Japan 009

You can cross by car from Miyako-jima island to Irabuji-ma island.
...... Over the very long bridge.

But this island is small, it was a very nice island a nature rich!

"Irabu-Ohashi / Bridge", Miyakojima ( 伊良部大橋 )


Okinawa,Japan 008

I visited a Miyakojima (island), Okinawa .

Miyakojima, does not have much tourist facilities.
Thanks to that, very beautiful sea and nature exist in Miyakojima.

Sunayama Beach, Miyako-jima ( 砂山ビーチ )


Tokyo,Japan 089

A little while ago, I was working in Shinjuku company.
Commuting rush of time, I remember was a very in many people.

And Shinjuku of scenery, is a night photograph of the residential area.



Chiba,Japan 018

This is the article of the last of the valley.
Here, is the end also my Chiba trip.

Chiba of nature, I pray that this state is still beautiful.

"Yoro Keikoku Valley" (養老渓谷)


Tokyo,Japan 088

It is the state of the people of Tokyo Station.
Everyone is crazy about mobile phone.
In Japan, everyone is crazy about mobile phone even where to go.

And this time Tokyo Station, is the introduction of the nearby shrine of my house.

"Tokyo Station" (東京駅)


Chiba,Japan 017

Still "Yorokeikoku valley" continues.
In a lot of green, delicious air.

Walking a lot in, I was very tired!
But it was a lot of fun.

"Yoro Keikoku Valley" (養老渓谷、弘文洞跡)


Tokyo,Japan 087

Ginza is a shopping town.
And there are exclusive bar.

Because I'm not wealthy, I don't go too much. . .

Ginza, Chuou


Tokyo,Japan 086

It is a continuation of the introduction of Wakasu Seaside Park.
In boil Seaside Park, it is there are many people who mainly come to enjoy the fishing.

At the beach, the cat had been chatting.
I wonder if cats had been talking about?

"Wakasu Seaside Park" Wakasu, Koutou (若洲海浜公園)


Chiba,Japan 016

We will walk the Yorokeikoku valley area.
And forest, feels good gentle river.

I come to life.

"Yoro Keikoku Valley"  Asoubara, Ichihara (養老渓谷)


Tokyo,Japan 085

Wakasu Seaside Park is close to Disneyland.
Fewer people, it is calm harbor.

Even though the sea, there is also Athletic Park.
Japanese are strange.

"Wakasu Seaside Park" Wakasu, Koutou (若洲海浜公園)


Tokyo,Japan 084

It is the introduction of the Tsukiji market.
I also went for the first time.

But, unfortunately, "Tsukiji auction" was not able to see.

"Tsukiji Market" Tsukiji, Chuou (築地市場)