Tokyo,Japan 030

Something new and something old are intermingled in Tokyo.
The part is a strength, and it's a weakness…….

It's a strange country, really.

Nozawa, Setagaya


Tokyo,Japan 029

In 2015, I'd like to upload more pictures of a lot of places !
These days are only a picture of Tokyo…….

Shinbashi, Minato


Collection,Japan 011

Around a child, I kept a parakeet.
When a parakeet has died, I remember that I felt sad very much.

It's remembered that a miniature of a parakeet is seen.

Classic Japanese scale


Saitama,Japan 001

A "Chip 'n Dale" are found at a park in Omiya !

It's much in their mouth for food.
They're very cute.

Oomiya Shimin-no-mori, Oomiya(さいたま市 大宮市民の森)


Tokyo,Japan 028

The Japanese New Year holiday is also already the end...
Nice time ends suddenly.

I'm sad!

Shimomeguro, Meguro