Tokyo,Japan 042

A picture of the downtown in Asakusa.
Peculiar Japan is disordered, the color doesn't like that and is fascinating, isn't it?

It's a lot, and a person gets tired...  ; <

Senso-ji [ Nakamise street ], Asakusa, Taito ( 浅草寺 仲見世通り )


Tokyo,Japan 041

There are a lot of cloudy weathers in Japan recently.
Though it's special spring, I'm lonely.

Even though they're serious about the scenery of Japan, aren't they?

Gaienmae, Aoyama


Tokyo,Japan 040

When Japan is introduced, only clean Japan is always introduced.
Kyoto, Asakusa, Shibuya and Mt. Fuji, etc...

Actual Japan is only a deserted town in the old days.

Mishuku, Setagaya


Tokyo,Japan 039

A shrine, a temple and a Torii exist in various places in a Japanese town.
Though it's so, Japan isn't a religion state.

Really, Japan is a strange country, isn't it?

Shimomeguro, Meguro


Tokyo,Japan 038

The design of China and Japan is very cool.

Anyway spring has come to Japan!
It's very warm and very happy.

Saicho-ji, Setagaya ( 西澄寺 )


Tokyo,Japan 037

I'm sorry to upload only a picture of the cherry tree.
But this year's cherry tree is so beautiful!

The one as a plant is really beautiful.

Setagaya Park, Setagaya ( 世田谷公園 )


Collection,Japan 013

The beauty specialized in the function is very beautiful.
Even if a tool is used, it's wonderful and, there, as it exists, wonderful.



Tokyo,Japan 036

A cherry tree may exist in every country.
But Japan thinks there is a country with a lot of cherry trees nowhere.

Wherever Japanese spring passes, it's full of flowers of a cherry blossom!

Saicho-ji, Setagaya ( 西澄寺 )


Tokyo,Japan 035

The flower of this year's Japanese cherry blossoms are beautiful in particular.
If I come to Japan, April is recommended because the climate is also moderate.

Komazawa Park, Setagaya ( 駒沢公園 )


Tokyo,Japan 034

The world and Japan are that that would be a problem variously.
I'd like also to settle a problem and increase the strong point...

It isn't when it's aggressive each other.

Saicho-ji, Setagaya ( 西澄寺 )


Tokyo,Japan 033

A cherry tree is in full bloom in Tokyo in Japan!
Many pictures of the cherry tree are uploaded.

The Japanese cherry blossom is beautiful.

Shoin-jinja, Setagaya ( 松陰神社 )