Tokyo,Japan 064

Gotokuji is the temple where I have the very nice atmosphere.
There is near Miyanosaka station in Setagaya line.

A cute cat meets at the gate in a temple!

"Goutoku-ji", Setagaya ( 豪徳寺 )


Tokyo,Japan 063

Every town is said to be the same scenery for the point that Tokyo is boring.
It's that a town is generic.

It may be Japanese education and a social cause.

Todoroki Keikoku, Todoroki, Setagaya ( 等々力渓谷 庭園 )


Tokyo,Japan 062

In addition, it is Tokyo posted Setagaya line area .
And I'm sorry many times .

It is a town that is not flourished so much . Thanks to that , there are still old shops and old streets .

Miyanosaka, Setagaya


Tokyo,Japan 061

Before, a picture of Setagaya line was also raised.
The form of the train was raised this time.

It's a slow local train, but it's very small and pretty.
I'm not finding the speed at which I'm quick, so I'd like this exactly.

"Setagaya Line", Sangenjaya, Setagaya


Tokyo,Japan 060

Tokyo Tower is rich in the atmosphere of a request.
Japan in 1960 's is felt.
("Tokyo Tower" was constructed in 1958.)

The Tokyo sky tree is meaningless.

Tokyo Tower,  Roppongi, Minato


Tokyo,Japan 059

Futakotamagawa (Tama-river) is never a clean river.
But since making it Tokyo, the sky is wide, and beautiful turf and nature exist.

If I'm tired with congestion in Tokyo, I relax at Futakotamagawa.

Futakotama River (Futako Tamagawa), Futakotamagawa, Setagaya


Tokyo,Japan 058

When saying a clean river in Tokyo, it's Todoroki ravine as expected.
A  temple and a small garden are in it.

It's also flowing through the Tama River near it, and boating on the river can be enjoyed.
A wind is comfortable in a dry riverbed in this time.

Todoroki Ravine (Todoroki Keikoku), Todoroki, Setagaya (等々力渓谷)


Tokyo,Japan 057

Komazawakoen is a central picture.
I like this park very much from child's time.
Tokyo Olympic Games is also a held park.
( It is a continuation of the previous blog . )

It's an artificial forest, but the lay I don't have is better.

"Komazawa Park", Komazawa, Setagaya ( 駒沢公園 )


Tokyo,Japan 056

This time is a picture of the big and famous parks in Tokyo.
A festival is held at a big park.

Tokyo Olympic Games was also held in 1964.
It's the Komazawa Park (Tokyo Olympic park).

On the lawn, I relax, most suitable.
I like to lie on the lawn very much!!

Setagaya, Shimouma


Tokyo,Japan 055

The landscape of Shibuya's night was uploaded this time.

Almost no vulgar neon district is changed from 20 years before.
The town at night in Tokyo isn't romantic.



Tokyo,Japan 054

It's included many times, but Tokyo is really disordered.
Wire, store, sign, advertisement, person, etc.......

The one by which this is a strength, the one which is a weakness or.......
I don't like me so much.



Railway Map Summary of Japan (ENGLISH)

[Page Link]
Hokkaido / Sapporo / Tohoku / Tokyo / Yokohama / Kansai / Nagoya / Kyoto / Shikoku / Kyushu / Fukuoka / Osaka / Hiroshima / Kobe / Okinawa
※Photos of this article is not a free image.

North Japan Rail-Map List

Hokkaido Rail Map ( PDF LINK >> )


Tokyo,Japan 053

Animation fans (OTAKU) and cartoon fans gather much in Nakano.
I'm not an animation fan, so I don't go to Nakano so much.

But when I sometimes go, it's fascinating.
Of course, Japan is a peculiar disordered shopping area.

 "Nakano Broad Way", Nakano (中野ブロードウェイ)


Tokyo,Japan 052

Tokyo was also becoming hot gradually.
Beginning of summer.

There is a rainy season in beginning of summer.
Rain isn't liked. But I like rain.

Shin Nakano, Nakano


Tokyo,Japan 051

There are many stores of traditional kitchen knife(HOUCHOU) and cookware in a "Kappabashi".
Kappabashi shopping area is near Asakusa.

I go to cookware and a dish to look for it in a rain "Kappabashi", too.

"Kappabashi Street", Taito, Tokyo (合羽橋)


Tokyo,Japan 050

I don't like Tokyo now.

I was born by Tokyo and grew up by Tokyo.
So there is love to Tokyo.
This is love to home.

As Japan is being a good country somehow.

Setagaya-line, Sangenjaya, Setagaya ( 世田谷線 )


Tokyo,Japan 049

Last time was also carried, but Setagaya line is fascinating as expected.
It doesn't appear on the guide book which is a tape measure so much.

It's possible to feel a real life in Tokyo.

"Daikichi-ji", Kamimachi, Setagaya ( 大吉寺 )


Tokyo,Japan 048

"Setagaya line" is the fascinating spot from which I hid.
There are many old temples and shrines.
The train you can take from Sangenjaya.

It's quiet, is gentle, is old and is a fine town.

This time is a picture of the shrine as "Setagaya shrine".
A SUMO ring of "SUMO wrestling" is in this shrine.

"Setagaya Hachimanguu", Miyanosaka, Setagaya ( 世田谷八幡宮 )


Tokyo,Japan 047

A jungle of wire!
Japan is full of wire! This is dirty!

Please help me!

Asakusa, Taito


Kanagawa,Japan 007

There is an old house, and there is a new house.
It's original by the good meaning, but there is no uniformity, and it's somewhat clumsy.

It should be a little complete...

Takatsu, Kawasaki


Tokyo,Japan 046

May 5 is a holiday as "child's day" in Japan.
I'll display and celebrate "Carp Streamer (KOI-NOBORI)" on May 5.
Culture in the Edo Period. This is also a strange custom, isn't it?

Mt.Hakone near Mt. Fuji(Fujiyama) seems eruptive now in Japan!

Setagaya Park / "Crap Streamer (KOI-NOBORI)",
Shimouma, Setagaya ( 世田谷公園 / 鯉のぼり )


Kanagawa,Japan 006

All places are polluted by concrete and wire in Japan.
A sea, a mountain, a river and a town, everywhere.

There are also many signs which have the very poor sense of style.
I don't like that at all. I don't like that from born time.

Ishiki-beach, Hayama


Tokyo,Japan 045

It takes about 30 minutes by car in Daiba from Asakusa.

Daiba can't enjoy Japanese tradition like Asakusa.
But you can get on a houseboat at Daiba.

Senso-ji, Asakusa, Taito ( 浅草寺 )


Tokyo,Japan 044

The finest ones are aged people in Japan.lol
Vigor is lacking in the cause or now in this country.

I have to be bracing myself up by everyone.

Asakusa, Taito


Tokyo,Japan 043

A true interesting place in Asakusa isn't a temple.
The one which should be seen is an alley in downtown.

And every store is good for soba.

Asakusa, Taito