Chiba,Japan 008

This article is a picture of a small dam and Kamogawa city.
When you observe the city from the sky, very interesting.

A person with agriculture, people that are playing, a person with a laundry, a person with a date, etc.

"Kanayama Dam"  Utsutsumi, Kamogawa (金山ダム)


Tokyo,Japan 077

"Rinshi Forest Park" in, from children to the elderly, visit a variety of people.
It is a healing spot in the middle of the city.

And I hope The more this park in Tokyo......

"Rinshi Forest Park" Shimomeguro, Meguro (林試の森公園)


Chiba,Japan 007

Kamogawa area widely, is rich in very natural.
Old mountain roads and tunnels, dams,
Forest, river, such as the sea, there are many places to enjoy of.

However, it is scary likely come out ghost night.

Utsutsumi, Kamogawa


Chiba,Japan 006

Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture, is a mysterious region.
And to close from Tokyo, there is a very rural atmosphere.

It is not as much tourist attraction, but it is one of the favorite places.

Kamogawa, Chiba


Tokyo,Japan 076

Setagaya, the park There are so many.
Strange park, small park, a large park, forest park, scary park, etc.

By the way, Japan is very hot now.

Shimouma, Setagaya


Chiba,Japan 005

The name I do not know, but it is deserted shrine of very good atmosphere.
When running the road by car, suddenly I went because Torii appeared.

Toilet is like a horror movie.

Kimitsu, Chiba


Chiba,Japan 004

Dam is interesting.
It does not get tired even watching much.

The dam, variously dark history also there but it ....

"Katakura Dam"  Kimitsu, Chiba (片倉ダム)


Chiba,Japan 003

This time, it is a continuation "Umihotaru Parking Area" article.

Japanese It is interesting.
To the tourist destination, it will make a commemorative photo spot and childish objects.

"Umihotaru Parking"  Kisarazu, Chiba (アクアライン・海ほたる)


Chiba,Japan 002

Umihotaru parking area in the middle of the sea.
It is located in the middle of the highway toward the Chiba from Tokyo.

Some of this facility, rest areas and restaurants,
in addition to the game center, observation deck overlooking the sea exists.

"Umi-Hotaru Parking"   Kisarazu, Chiba (海ほたる)


Tokyo,Japan 075

Imperial Palace is a castle incumbent Emperor lives.
Around the Imperial Palace, there is a space of free relaxing lawn.
You can not very slowly, such as tourists most.

But, around the Imperial Palace because it is a city full of buildings, it will rest assured that there is a space of green.

"Imperial Palace / Koukyo" Chiyoda ( 皇居 )


Tokyo,Japan 074

Tokyo Station is a figure that does not change from the old days.
I like it.

However, it is not anything in the vicinity of Tokyo Station.
There are Imperial Palace, but it does not put you are a recent construction.

"Tokyo Station" Marunouchi, Chiyoda ( 東京駅 )


Tokyo,Japan 073

Introduction of Zojoji Temple in the vicinity of the Tokyo Tower.
Here, countless Jizo exists.
It is a little mysterious.

And we see a big temple and Tokyo Tower is at the same time.
It is not a nice scenery. But, it is interesting scenery.

"Zoujou-ji / temple" Shibakouen, Minato ( 増上寺 )


Tokyo,Japan 072

It is boring scenery.
It is the concrete jungle.

The Roppongi Midtown, there are many excellent museums and restaurants.



Tokyo,Japan 071

Shibuya neighborhood of the population, is a tremendous amount.
Train nor car bus also, we are incessantly to traffic.

Work or shopping, play, meeting, movie, and so on.
Japanese busy.

Shibuya Bus Terminal


Tokyo,Japan 070

In the Meiji Shrine, the wedding is also done.
It is a beautiful woman wearing a red kimono.

Among the sacred atmosphere, and I swear eternal love.

"Meiji Jingu / shrine" Yoyogi, Shuibuya ( 明治神宮 )


Tokyo,Japan 069

If you've visited in Shibuya, the Meiji Jingu should go without fail.

Shibuya is dirty, can be crowded, and very tired.
So, if you go to the Meiji Shrine, you can relax in nature.

From Shibuya Station, and is about a 15 minute walk.

"Meiji Jingu / shrine" Yoyogi, Shuibuya ( 明治神宮 )


Tokyo,Japan 068

In Japan, there are God's seven of Seven Lucky Gods.
Originally it is God transmitted to China.

And to introduce this time, it is a shrine that there is Sarasvati.
The shrine of the garden, there was a turtle and butterflies.

"Banryu-ji / temple" Shimomeguro, Meguro ( 蟠竜寺/ばんりゅうじ )


Tokyo,Japan 067

In Tokyo, there are a lot of old housing.
And, some people called the estate mania prefer it.

However, the sight of inorganic concrete lined countless is prison like.
I can not be in love.

This said landscape, we darken the Japanese atmosphere.

Shimouma, Setagaya


Tokyo,Japan 066

Continuation of a last article in Gotokuji.
It's really nice here, isn't it?
It isn't crowded because it isn't too famous. Quiet.

It may be unsuitable for sightseeing, but I like me.
There is also a cat and.

"Goutoku-ji", Setagaya ( 豪徳寺 )


Tokyo,Japan 065

The recommendation temple where last time was also introduced "Gotokuji".
Well, the temple of origination of "Fortune Cat (MANEKI-NEKO)" where you're enjoying in Japan.

So a great deal of Fortune Cat (MANEKI-NEKO) exist here.

"Goutoku-ji", Setagaya ( 豪徳寺 )