Chiba,Japan 015

In Yorokeikoku valley area, it enjoys a very large-scale natural.
This time, the introduction of the middle of the road to go to the valley.

Strange mannequin there were.

"Yoro Keikoku Valley" Asoubara, Ichihara


Tokyo,Japan 083

Prior to also Tamagawa river I was introduced.
It is a very good place as a river in the city center.

If tired of urban hustle and bustle, let's go to this location.

"Tamagawa River" Futakotamagawa, Setagaya (多摩川)


Tokyo,Japan 082

Tokyo is everywhere, many, many people shop.
It is an advantage, it is also a disadvantage.

Since I live in Tokyo much, I would want to go to a place few people.

Daikan-yama, Meguro


Tokyo,Japan 081

"Ebisu Garden Place" is primarily a luxury brand shopping mall.
However, in the courtyard there is a space where you can relax.

So to see the sunset is the best.

"Ebisu Garden Place" Ebisu, Shibuya (恵比寿ガーデンプレイス)


Chiba,Japan 014

This station is very nice. Yorokeikoku Station.
To hydrangea also beautiful, cat also to have a lot, it is very quiet and peaceful.

I want to live in this town.

"Yorokeikoku Station"  Asoubara, Ichihara (養老渓谷駅/ようろうけいこく)


Chiba,Japan 013

In Bird's nest of migratory birds, it had been born chick.
Swallow, we came to Japan from Taiwan and the Philippines and the island of Java and the Malay Peninsula.

And it makes a cute baby in Japan.

Kamogawa, Chiba


Tokyo,Japan 080

I Ebisu is a shopping town.
Mainly women prefer.

And, in Ebisu it has also museum of "Ebisu beer".

"Ebisu Garden-place" Ebisu, Shibuya (恵比寿ガーデンププレイス)


Chiba,Japan 012

The last time was introduced and is a continuation of "Niemonjima Island".

In the Niemonjima, such as shrines, which dedicated to the god of the sea exists.
And, there are still also the old house of the owner of the old island.

"Niemon-jima Island" Futomi, Kamogawa (仁右衛門島/にえもんじま)


Tokyo,Japan 079

Tokyo residential area of the night is bright.
(It depends on the location.)

Setagaya area is almost like the of the lie that was the fields and mountains and valleys and swamps.

Shimouma, Setagaya


Chiba,Japan 011

Well, it is the introduction of this time last time was a little introduction to "Niemon-jima Island".
It is also famous as an island of old generals "Minamoto no Yoritomo" was hidden.

It is a small island much she can round in about 30 minutes.

"Niemon-jima Island" Futomi, Kamogawa (仁右衛門島)


Chiba,Japan 010

Very small in Niemonjima-Island is, we will go by ship from Kamogawa Futomi fishing port.
Even though the ship is a small rowing boat.

In this island, there is a popular, such as BBQ and fishing and bathing.

"Niemon Island" Futomi, Kamogawa (仁右衛門島)


Chiba,Japan 009

"FUTOMI Port" of Kamogawa is very small harbor.
This is the dock of mainly fishing boats and small fish of fishing.

There is a very old and quiet and emotional, it is nice.

"Futomi Port" Futomi, Kamogawa (太海漁港)


Tokyo,Japan 078

When I was a child, in the evening we were able to go home.
When it comes to adults, it will somehow slow down time to go home.

It is because of Tokyo! lol

Shimouma, Setagaya