Tokyo,Japan 089

A little while ago, I was working in Shinjuku company.
Commuting rush of time, I remember was a very in many people.

And Shinjuku of scenery, is a night photograph of the residential area.



Chiba,Japan 018

This is the article of the last of the valley.
Here, is the end also my Chiba trip.

Chiba of nature, I pray that this state is still beautiful.

"Yoro Keikoku Valley" (養老渓谷)


Tokyo,Japan 088

It is the state of the people of Tokyo Station.
Everyone is crazy about mobile phone.
In Japan, everyone is crazy about mobile phone even where to go.

And this time Tokyo Station, is the introduction of the nearby shrine of my house.

"Tokyo Station" (東京駅)


Chiba,Japan 017

Still "Yorokeikoku valley" continues.
In a lot of green, delicious air.

Walking a lot in, I was very tired!
But it was a lot of fun.

"Yoro Keikoku Valley" (養老渓谷、弘文洞跡)


Tokyo,Japan 087

Ginza is a shopping town.
And there are exclusive bar.

Because I'm not wealthy, I don't go too much. . .

Ginza, Chuou


Tokyo,Japan 086

It is a continuation of the introduction of Wakasu Seaside Park.
In boil Seaside Park, it is there are many people who mainly come to enjoy the fishing.

At the beach, the cat had been chatting.
I wonder if cats had been talking about?

"Wakasu Seaside Park" Wakasu, Koutou (若洲海浜公園)


Chiba,Japan 016

We will walk the Yorokeikoku valley area.
And forest, feels good gentle river.

I come to life.

"Yoro Keikoku Valley"  Asoubara, Ichihara (養老渓谷)


Tokyo,Japan 085

Wakasu Seaside Park is close to Disneyland.
Fewer people, it is calm harbor.

Even though the sea, there is also Athletic Park.
Japanese are strange.

"Wakasu Seaside Park" Wakasu, Koutou (若洲海浜公園)


Tokyo,Japan 084

It is the introduction of the Tsukiji market.
I also went for the first time.

But, unfortunately, "Tsukiji auction" was not able to see.

"Tsukiji Market" Tsukiji, Chuou (築地市場)