Kanagawa,Japan 009

There are also many shrines and temples in Hakone.
There are also God's path into the lake.

Even so, Japan tourist destination there are many people ...

"Kumano-Jinjya", Hakone ( 熊野神社 )
Here is where you cleanse your hands.


Kanagawa,Japan 008

Hakone Onsen very close from Tokyo.
Also to some "ONSEN(hot springs)", to some traditional crafts, there is also a wilderness.

I will occasionally visit for relaxation.

Hakone, Ashigara ( 箱根 )


Okinawa,Japan 016

Miyakojima journey also is the end at last.
Quiet and beautiful lovely island. I love it. I'll come back later.

And I will return to Tokyo that is cluttered with noisy ...

Irabu-jima Island ( 伊良部島 )


Okinawa,Japan 015

In Miyakojima, also exists mangrove,
such as tropical rain forests.

The mangrove is a little small, but it is a nice place.

"Shimajiri mangrobu", Miyako-jima ( 島尻マングローブ林 )
"Shimajiri mangrobu", Miyako-jima ( 島尻マングローブ林 )


Okinawa,Japan 014

In the past was also introduced, once again.
It is a bridge, such as the roller coaster on the sea.

After crossing this bridge from Miyakojima Island,
it will arrive in Irabujima Island.

"Irabu-Ohashi / Bridge", Miyakojima ( 伊良部大橋 )
"Irabu-Ohashi / Bridge", Miyakojima ( 伊良部大橋 )


Tokyo,Japan 091

The Inokashira Park, there is also a zoo.
Among them are running around very cute squirrel.

"Inokashira Park", Mitaka
"Inokashira Park", Mitaka ( 井の頭公園 )


Okinawa,Japan 013

In Miyakojima of back road,
there are still shops and culture are old.

Wow, the roadside had banana also grew.

Shimosato-Oodoori Street, Miyako-jima ( 下里大通り )
Shimosato-Oodoori Street, Miyako-jima ( 下里大通り )
This is the shop that manufactures salt.


Tokyo,Japan 090

Meguro Station, there are many delicious restaurants.
Sushi, ramen noodles, Chinese food, buckwheat (soba), curry, steak etc.

And there a lot of very steep hill ...



Okinawa,Japan 012

Okinawa the sea, really beautiful.
I will say it again and again. The sea is really beautiful.

Oh ...?   I found a sunken ship!

Irabu-jima Island ( 伊良部島 )
This ship seems to Singapore ship ran aground in 2013.
Not found the ship also responsible, money to be removed there is no ....


Okinawa,Japan 011

Miyakojima of the sea is very nice.
But nice is not the only sea.

If you go to the back of the mall, there is a very charming town.

Irabu-jima Island ( 伊良部島 )


Okinawa,Japan 010

Miyakojima sea is wonderful. It's so beautiful.
Since the typhoon was approaching this time, the sea was a little cloudy.

I hope that forever is a beautiful Okinawa sea.

Sunayama Beach, Miyako-jima ( 砂山ビーチ )


Okinawa,Japan 009

You can cross by car from Miyako-jima island to Irabuji-ma island.
...... Over the very long bridge.

But this island is small, it was a very nice island a nature rich!

"Irabu-Ohashi / Bridge", Miyakojima ( 伊良部大橋 )


Okinawa,Japan 008

I visited a Miyakojima (island), Okinawa .

Miyakojima, does not have much tourist facilities.
Thanks to that, very beautiful sea and nature exist in Miyakojima.

Sunayama Beach, Miyako-jima ( 砂山ビーチ )