Saitama,Japan 008

From ancient times in Japan,
We pray to the mountain in various places.

All mountain of Japan is a sacred place, it is a nice place.

"Mitsumine-Jinja / shrine" Mitsumine, Chichibu ( 三峰神社 )


Saitama,Japan 007

It is a continuation of the previous river.
Views of Nagatoro River is a very elegance.

Nagatoro, Chichibu


Saitama,Japan 006

In nagatoro station, you go down the river by boat.

While riding in a small boat,
and enjoyed leisurely views of the Chichibu.

Nagatoro, Chichibu


Saitama,Japan 005

Normal "Torii" have a red color.
However, "Torii" in the Chichibu Shrine have a white color.

It is cool.

"Hodosan Jinja / shrine"  Nagatoro, Chichibu ( 宝登山神社 )


Saitama,Japan 004

The top of the shrine of this mountain, it will head in the ropeway.
There was a game room that was deserted and the shrine on the top.

"Hodo-san / mountain" Nagatoro, Chichibu ( 宝登山 )


Saitama,Japan 003

Chichibu has a long history, there is a culture of unspoiled.
However, it's still somewhere deserted.lol

"Chichibu Jinja / shrine" Chichibu ( 秩父神社 )


Saitama,Japan 002

This place is a bit deserted.
The top of the mountain there is a small zoo, but you have deserted also the Zoo.

But scenery and nature is great.

"Hodo-san/ mountain" ( 宝登山 )


Tokyo,Japan 097

It is a shrine that is in a small town.
Here, there is a memorial of the old Japanese soldier (kamikaze pilots).

Setagaya Kan-non ( 世田谷観音 )
〒154-0002 Shimouma 4-9-4, Setagaya, Tokyo

"Setagaya Kan-non", Setagaya ( 世田谷観音 )
"Setagaya Kan-non", Setagaya ( 世田谷観音 )


Tokyo,Japan 096

It is Shinjuku temple nestled quietly.
Colorful and beautiful origami is Yes decorate.

There is a grave on the back of this temple.

"Jyousen-ji", Shinjuku ( 常泉寺 / 常泉院 )
"Jyousen-ji", Shinjuku ( 常泉寺 / 常泉院 )


Tokyo,Japan 095

The downtown area, such as Arakawa,
There are many such as the old trains and old culture and the old amusement park.

"Arakawa Line" ( 都電荒川線 )
"Arakawa Line" ( 都電荒川線 )


Tokyo,Japan 094

Popular with tourists, it was a walk in the Ginza Yanaka.
Why popular for tourists, I do not know.

Than this place, it is interesting that I went to Kamakura and Hakone.

"Yanaka Ginza", Taito ( 谷中銀座 )
"Yanaka Ginza", Taito ( 谷中銀座 )