Tokyo,Japan 102

If you are walking the Tokyo may unexpectedly encounter the shrine.

It is not a tourist destination.
But what wonderful such a place.

Ikejiri, Setagaya


Tokyo,Japan 101

Familiar every time,
It is a photograph of Tokyo back road.

It still is confused!

Ikejiri, Setagaya


Tokyo,Japan 100

Finally we celebrated the 100th Tokyo blog!
Thank you for always reading!

At 100 th celebration,
I will upload the photos of Japanese Shrine-festival!

Festival of Japanese shrine, will be held on time usually in September.

"Komatsunagi Jinja / shrine"  Shimouma, Setagaya ( 駒繋神社 )


Tokyo,Japan 099

It is a photograph of the neighborhood park.

In the park there is a pond, we have a lot of ducks and turtles.
Turtle will have very very very much! lol

"Himonnya Park" Himonnya, Meguro ( 碑文谷公園 )


Tokyo,Japan 098

It is a back road of the town that I live in.

Narrow, small, old, dense to have housing.
It is Tokyo.

Takaban, Meguro


Saitama,Japan 009

Mountain shrine is nice.

The weather was bad.
But it was even more mysterious in its favor.

"Mitsumine-jinja / shrine"   Mitsumine, Chichibu ( 三峰神社 )