Nagano,Japan 003

I like snow and hot springs so I enjoyed this spa town very much.

You can walk from Shibu Onsen Spa to Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park where you can see wild monkeys bathing in hot springs.
In the next post, upload photos of the Snow Monkey Park.

Shibu-Onsen/Spa, Yamanouchi ( 長野 渋温泉 )
#Japanese Lantern


Nagano,Japan 002

Shibu Onsen is a very traditional spa town.
One of the pleasures in Shibu Onsen is visiting its nine public baths.

The hot springs, the scenery, and the atmosphere are wonderful.

Shibu-Onsen/Spa, Yamanouchi ( 長野 渋温泉 )


Okinawa,Japan 020

Okinawa used to be the Kingdom of the Ryukyu Kingdom long ago.

Cultures affected by China and Japan are very attractive.
I am studying the history of Okinawa now.

Hamahiga Island(浜比嘉島)


Okinawa,Japan 019

Nature and animals in Okinawa are energetic.
The color is very beautiful and shiny.

I want to look at the sunset in Okinawa forever.

Zamami Island(座間味島)


Okinawa,Japan 018

In Zamami-jima Island, you can swim with sea turtles!
I was able to swim with a very charming sea turtle.

In addition, there were many beautiful fish in Zamami island.

"Ama Beach" Zamami Island(座間味島 阿真ビーチ)


Okinawa,Japan 017

I like Okinawa Island.
There are various problems on the island of Okinawa.
However, I love Okinawa culture and beautiful nature.

Hamahiga Island(浜比嘉島)


Kanagawa,Japan 021

Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine is in the center of Kamakura.
A big torii and a white dove are a landmark.

"Tsurugaoka Hachimangu" Kamakura(鶴岡八幡宮)


Kanagawa,Japan 020

I like Kamakura. There is a wild squirrel.
It is one of the places where there are the most temples and shrines in Japan.

But, there are too many people on holidays...

"Kencho-ji / Temple" Kamakura(建長寺)


Kanagawa,Japan 019

It is a ruin like "LOST" of TV drama.
Or, the movie of Ghibli.

By the way, there are bases of the US Navy in Yokosuka.

"Kannnonzaki Park" Yokosuka(観音崎公園)


Kanagawa,Japan 018

Once upon a time, this place was a military facility.
Batteries and facilities for war remain.

Now the sea is a beautiful park.

"Kannonzaki Park" Yokosuka(観音崎公園)


Yamanashi,Japan 106

Yamanashi's nature is beautiful.
Water, forest, flower, river, mountain, Mt. Fuji etc.

My body and mind were washed by it.

"Ashikawa Campsite" Yamanashi(芦川キャンプ場)


Tokyo,Japan 106

I often went to this department store when I was young.
This department store has collapsed.

My childhood memories still remain.
Good bye, my old department store.

"Daiei Himonnya"  Himonnya, Meguro(ダイエー碑文谷店)


Tokyo,Japan 105

A big gorilla came out!
A big gorilla from the top of the building is watching me!

Help me!!!!!!!!!!!lol

"Gorilla Building" Sangenjaya, Setagaya(ゴリラビル)


Osaka,Japan 009

"Osaka Castle" Part 2.

This castle also has an elevator.
That destroys the atmosphere.
But a design kind to the person who has a physical disability.

"Osaka Castle" Chuou, Osaka ( 大阪城 )


Osaka,Japan 008

Osaka-jo/castle was reconstructed.
So the contents are an ordinary present-day building.
I thought a slightly vulgar castle.lol

But the color of the black and the gold color is cool for that.

"Osaka Castle" Chuou, Osaka ( 大阪城 )


Osaka,Japan 007

"Nishinari area" Part 2.

As expected, there are a lot of street people.
But it's the very good atmosphere for some reason.

"Nishinari Doubutsuen-mae" Osaka ( 動物園前 西成 )


Osaka,Japan 006

"Nishinari area" in Osaka is called "The Japanese Slums".
It was the world like a Thai market rather than the slums.

But, there are a lot of street people.

"Doubutsuen-mae" Nishinari, Osaka ( 西成 動物園前 )


Osaka,Japan 005

"Gocha-Gocha" Part2.

A lot of people! Shop often! The road is narrow!
The building is old! Food is cheap! Mysterious national flag!

"Shinsekai Shopping Road" Naniwa, Osaka ( 新世界 )


Osaka,Japan 004

A festival isn't held. This is Osaka as usual.
I think it's more crowded than Tokyo.
There may be also signs a lot more than Tokyo.

Such view is called "Gocha-Gocha(disorder)" in Japan.

"Shinsekai Shopping Road"  Naniwa, Osaka ( 新世界 )


Osaka,Japan 003

In 1970, an expo was held in Osaka in Japan.
I'm not born yet...

This art object is the design of Mr. Taro Okamoto who is a famous designer.
I also appear on a Japanese cartoon "20th Century Boy".

"Expo’70 Commemorative Park" Osaka( 万博記念公園 )
"Expo’70 Commemorative Park" Osaka( 万博記念公園 )


Osaka,Japan 002

Osaka castle is Hideyoshi Toyotomi's castle.
So there is also a bronze statue of Hideyoshi Toyotomi in Osaka Castle Park.
A shrine is also next to the Osaka Castle.

"Toyokuni Jinjya / shrine"  Chuou, Osaka ( 豊国神社 )


Nice place in Japan 003

I (Japanese) write it about favorite spots in Japan.
This time is part 3. There are many places I like. → *"PART.1", "PART.2"

Hiroshima, Chiba, Okinawa, Shizuoka.
I'm poor at English. I'm sorry.


There are beautiful history and regrettable history in Hiroshima.

A castle is there.
Hiroshima Peace Memorial is there.
Miyajima is there.

Photos from "Hiroshima,Japan 004"


Hyogo,Japan 009

I'm sorry. A picture of the castle was taken too much.

There are a harbor in Kobe and a town near the Himeji Castle.
It was crowded, so you couldn't come to like a town in Kobe so much.

"Himeji Castle" Himeji, Hyogo ( 姫路城 )


Hyogo,Japan 008

Photo part 3 in "Himeji Castle".

Because it's white, this castle is also called "Egret Castle".
It has been processed, but it's interesting in the castle.

"Himeji Castle" Himeji, Hyogo ( 姫路城 )
"Himeji Castle" Himeji, Hyogo ( 姫路城 )


Hyogo,Japan 007

It is a photograph Part 2 of "Himeji Castle" in the beautiful castle.

Can you see the shape of the window of a triangle?
This is the shape in order to prevent the enemy's attack.

"Himeji Castle" Himeji, Hyogo ( 姫路城 )


Hyogo,Japan 006

"Himeji Castle" is the world's heritage.
The castle is built in for more than 600 years, there are also original parts.

The site is very large. And beautiful.
Barrier and traps to prevent the attack from the enemy to the castle there is a lot.

"Himeji Castle" Himeji, Hyogo ( 姫路城 )


Hyogo,Japan 005

Pictures of "Mt.Shosha Engyo-ji / temple" where movie photography of
"The Last Samurai" was performed are uploaded.

A story of last continuation.
An altitude has this high pile, so the scenery is also nice.

"Mt.Shosha Engyou-ji / temple"
Himeji, Hyogo ( 書写山 円教寺 )


Hyogo,Japan 004

There is a traditional temple to the top of this mountain.
Motion picture of "The Last Samurai" was performed at this temple.

I climbed the top by ropeway.
It was very rich in the holy atmosphere there. I like this place.

"Mt.Shosha Engyou-ji / temple"
Himeji, Hyogo ( 書写山 円教寺 )


Hyogo,Japan 003

Do you know "Hideyoshi Toyotomi", the general?
There is also good rumor. There is also bad rumor.
He was a farmer of low birth, but he became a Japanese top leader.

His bronze statue is at this place because he frequently visited in this hot spring.

Arima, Hyogo ( 有馬温泉 )


Saitama,Japan 011

Here is the town where some history is in Saitama-ken Part.2.

Beautiful streets continued, and there was also a good Japanese tea cafe.
And a mysterious object was put at this place.

Nakamachi, Kawagoe


Saitama,Japan 010

Here is the town where some history is in Saitama-ken.
An old Japanese-style house is in line.

I feel more beautifully than a present-day Japanese house.

Nakamachi, Kawagoe


Hyogo,Japan 002

It's old in "Arima Spa", and there is a nice town with history.
General's "Toyotomi Hideyoshi" etc. is loved area.
When I advance and take the mazy thin way, there are many nice stores and hot springs.

Arima, Hyogo ( 有馬温泉 )


Tokyo,Japan 104

The picture of which I took a picture in winter.
A bird and a flower are beautiful.

In January of this year, I went to a "Setagaya flea market".
It was forgot to upload it.

Komazawa, Setagaya


Hyogo,Japan 001

I've updated the blog for the first time in a long time!

Olympic, it was cheers for good work!
Now, Japan is very hot!
I am likely will melt in the heat ......

Arima, Hyogo ( 有馬温泉 )


Ishikawa,Japan 021

Soon, it is the end of my Kanazawa(Ishikawa) travel photographs.
So was looking forward, I really enjoyed.

In particular, the fall foliage was very beautiful.
Unknown world is fun. Journey fun.

free photo image of Japan
"Nata-dera / temple" Natamachi, Komatsu ( 那谷寺 )


Ishikawa,Japan 020

The main hall of the temple,
there is a road of legend that reborn to be passing through.

I was through there.
I think... I was reborn? lol

free photo image of Japan
"Nata-dera / temple" Natamachi, Komatsu ( 那谷寺 )


Nice place in Japan 002

I (Japanese) write it about favorite spots in Japan.
This time is part 2. There are many places I like. → *"PART.1"

Okinawa, Tokyo, Kyoto, Komazawa.
I'm poor at English. I'm sorry.


I(NAMA WASAVI) like Okinawa very much.
You developed Okinawa one after another.
That's a regrettable thing.

But much beautiful nature still exists.

Photos from "Okinawa,Japan 002"


Ishikawa,Japan 019

There is likely lived hermit mood in this place.
Originally it is where you pray to God, but now become a tourist attraction.

I was about to fall off a cliff!

free photo image of Japan
"Nata-dera / temple"  Natamachi, Komatsu  ( 那谷寺 )


Fukui,Japan 005

This temple is really there are a lot of cats!
I would never want to leave.

Because I love cats.

"Gotanjou-ji / Cat temple"
Shouden-cho, Echizen ( 猫寺・御誕生寺 / ごたんじょうじ )


Ishikawa,Japan 018

This "Keta shrine" is, there is a facility to pray for love.
People wrote a prayer to the wooden plate, pray for love.

The back of this shrine, also exist forest has become a natural monument.

"Keta-Taisha / shrine"  Jikemachi, Hakui-shi  ( 気多大社 / 神社 )


Nice place in Japan 001

I (Japanese) write it about favorite spots in Japan.
This time is part 1. There are many places I like.

Hakone & Hokkaido & Ibaraki & Tokyo.
I'm poor at English. I'm sorry.


Hakone shrine is very wide and is a historical shrine.
That's next to the big lake.

Its location also exists in the speculation and the nature with the very good and vast atmosphere.

Photos from "Kanagawa,Japan 010"


Ishikawa,Japan 017

Here, very historic shrine.
It has existed before 1000 years.

Sacred mood had drifted there.

free photo image of Japan
"Keta-Taisha / shrine"  Jikemachi, Hakui-shi  ( 気多大社 / 神社 )


Ishikawa,Japan 016

Part.3 of Kenrokuen Garden. ( →Part.1, Part.2 )
Autumn leaves is also beautiful, but snow also seems beautiful.

The time that I have visited, the snow was not falling.
Unfortunately ...

"Kenroku-en / garden"  Kenrokucho, Kanazawa  ( 金沢 兼六園 )


Ishikawa,Japan 015

Kenrokuen of Part.2 . ( →Part.1 )
Near the Kenrokuen Gardens, and Kanazawa Castle.

People were many, but the autumn leaves of the trees was very beautiful.

free photo image of Japan
"Kenroku-en / Kanazawa Castle"
Kenrokucho, Kanazawa  ( 兼六園・金沢城 )


Fukui,Japan 004

Why do you think is a cat temple are many?
That's because this temple has helped cats abandoned.

It's a nice temple.

"Gotanjou-ji / Cat temple"
Shouden-cho, Echizen ( 猫寺・御誕生寺 / ごたんじょうじ )


Ishikawa,Japan 014

Kenrokuen Garden.
In Kanazawa, it is the most famous place.
You can enjoy a traditional Japanese garden.

But if people are too many, I did not enjoy ...

"Kenroku-en / garden"  Kenrokucho, Kanazawa  ( 金沢 兼六園 )


Ishikawa,Japan 013

Market photo of it is the second stage.
I stomach is empty when looking at these photos.

Come to think of it, I was 5kg also fat earlier this year!

"Ohmicho-Ichiba / Market"  Ohmicho, Kanazawa  ( 金沢 近江町市場 )


Ishikawa,Japan 012

This location is also a very famous Kanazawa market.
There is full energy.

Sushi, fruit, fish, crab, pickles.
Everything exists!

"Ohmicho-Ichiba / Market" Ohmicho, Kanazawa ( 金沢 近江町市場 )


Fukui,Japan 003

Cat there are many!
Nice temple!
Nice cat!

I play with a lot of cats.

"Gotanjou-ji / Cat temple" 
Shouden-cho, Echizen  ( 猫寺・御誕生寺 / ごたんじょうじ )


Fukui,Japan 002

Because it is small castle, it was hard to climb ...
However, the view from the inside of the castle is very beautiful!

I now feel that it was in the old days of the lord.

"Maruoka-jou / castle" Maruokachokasumicho, Sakai ( 丸岡城 )