Ishikawa,Japan 004

Well, here is the production.
I went into the very large cave that exist in the back.

In the cave, it very strange world exists!
Beautiful, horribly, dark, deep, mysterious world ...

"HANIBE-GANKUTSUIN"  Ryu-myouji, Komatsu ( ハニベ岩窟院 )


Ishikawa,Japan 003

I went further ahead. Then there was a cave.
In the cave, a dish that wish to throw in goal come true were selling.

... It's really strange.

"HANIBE-GANKUTSUIN"  Ryu-myouji, Komatsu ( ハニベ岩窟院 )


Ishikawa,Japan 002

It is a continuation of a strange place of Ishikawa.
I went ahead. Then in turn came out of art in the shape of animals and Kannon.

Even so, it is a strange place. This story continues still...

"HANIBE-GANKUTSUIN"  Ryu-myouji, Komatsu ( ハニベ岩窟 )


Ishikawa,Japan 001

This place is a very strange place.
Large half of the Buddha and,
like the statue that meaning does not know you Yes a lot installed.

Continued also I will upload this time...

"HANIBE-GANKUTSUIN"  Ryu-myouji, Komatsu ( ハニベ岩窟院 )


Tokyo,Japan 103

Tokyo has a lot of people.
Tokyo has many buildings.
Tokyo has many park.

When in Tokyo, it is often considered.

Ogikubo, Suginami