Ishikawa,Japan 014

Kenrokuen Garden.
In Kanazawa, it is the most famous place.
You can enjoy a traditional Japanese garden.

But if people are too many, I did not enjoy ...

"Kenroku-en / garden"  Kenrokucho, Kanazawa  ( 金沢 兼六園 )


Ishikawa,Japan 013

Market photo of it is the second stage.
I stomach is empty when looking at these photos.

Come to think of it, I was 5kg also fat earlier this year!

"Ohmicho-Ichiba / Market"  Ohmicho, Kanazawa  ( 金沢 近江町市場 )


Ishikawa,Japan 012

This location is also a very famous Kanazawa market.
There is full energy.

Sushi, fruit, fish, crab, pickles.
Everything exists!

"Ohmicho-Ichiba / Market" Ohmicho, Kanazawa ( 金沢 近江町市場 )


Fukui,Japan 003

Cat there are many!
Nice temple!
Nice cat!

I play with a lot of cats.

"Gotanjou-ji / Cat temple" 
Shouden-cho, Echizen  ( 猫寺・御誕生寺 / ごたんじょうじ )


Fukui,Japan 002

Because it is small castle, it was hard to climb ...
However, the view from the inside of the castle is very beautiful!

I now feel that it was in the old days of the lord.

"Maruoka-jou / castle" Maruokachokasumicho, Sakai ( 丸岡城 )


Ishikawa,Japan 011

Here is the opposite side of the east of the town, which was introduced last time. West is in town.
Of course here it is also a famous town.

Night view is very nice.

"Higashi-Chaya / East Chaya Street"  Nomachi, Kanazawa  ( ひがし茶屋街 )


Ishikawa,Japan 010

Here is the famous streets of Kanazawa.
Old and buildings, etc. There are many old shops.

It is a traditional streets of Japan.
Tokyo please also imitate!

"Higashi-Chaya / East Chaya Street" 
Higashiyama, Kanazawa  ( ひがし茶屋街 )


Ishikawa,Japan 009

This temple is called "Ninja Temple".
But Ninja does not exist.

The reason for this temple is called so, because a strange gimmick is a lot.
This temple, pitfalls and hidden room, such as a hidden staircase exists.

"Ninja-dera  Myouryuu-ji / temple" 
Nomachi, Kanazawa  ( 忍者寺 / 妙立寺 )


Ishikawa,Japan 008

Kanazawa of the town is quiet.
But the car is too much like the Tokyo.
It has congestion.

Kanazawa is a nice place.
Sea nearby, rice is also delicious, the setting sun also beautiful.

"Ganmon"  Togiushioroshi, Hakuigun Shikamachi  ( 巌門洞窟 )


Fukui,Japan 001

Near the Kanazawa is a small castle.
Its name, Maruoka Castle.

At the instruction of Nobunaga Oda, Shibata Katsutoyo reblogged architecture.
It is a small castle I will put in there.

"Maruoka-jou / castle"  Maruokachokasumicho, Sakai  ( 丸岡城 )


Ishikawa,Japan 007

It is a continuation of the last samurai residences.
Room to perform a traditional tea ceremony also exists.

Samurai, Tatami, Fusuma, Shouji, Teien(Japanese garden)......

Tradition of Japan, just things simple.
That is the nice.

It is "WABI SABI". My name is NAMA WASAVI.

"Bukeyashiki-Ato  NAKAMURA'S HOUSE"
Nagamachi, Kanazawa  ( 武家屋敷跡 中村家 )


Ishikawa,Japan 006

This place is very famous Kanazawa of samurai residences.
Armor and helmet have been exhibited,
mechanism and structure of the house remains of 500 years ago.

I want to live in this house!

"Buke-Yashiki-Ato"  Nagamachi, Kanazawa  ( 武家屋敷跡 )


Ishikawa,Japan 005

I'm sorry.
Still mysterious world picture is Following.
It's so huge cave!

It is a world like hell...
Japan is strange. Asia is a wonder. The world is wide...

"HANIBE-GANKUTSUIN"  Ryu-myouji, Komatsu ( ハニベ岩窟院 )