Hyogo,Japan 004

There is a traditional temple to the top of this mountain.
Motion picture of "The Last Samurai" was performed at this temple.

I climbed the top by ropeway.
It was very rich in the holy atmosphere there. I like this place.

"Mt.Shosha Engyou-ji / temple"
Himeji, Hyogo ( 書写山 円教寺 )


Hyogo,Japan 003

Do you know "Hideyoshi Toyotomi", the general?
There is also good rumor. There is also bad rumor.
He was a farmer of low birth, but he became a Japanese top leader.

His bronze statue is at this place because he frequently visited in this hot spring.

Arima, Hyogo ( 有馬温泉 )


Saitama,Japan 011

Here is the town where some history is in Saitama-ken Part.2.

Beautiful streets continued, and there was also a good Japanese tea cafe.
And a mysterious object was put at this place.

Nakamachi, Kawagoe


Saitama,Japan 010

Here is the town where some history is in Saitama-ken.
An old Japanese-style house is in line.

I feel more beautifully than a present-day Japanese house.

Nakamachi, Kawagoe


Hyogo,Japan 002

It's old in "Arima Spa", and there is a nice town with history.
General's "Toyotomi Hideyoshi" etc. is loved area.
When I advance and take the mazy thin way, there are many nice stores and hot springs.

Arima, Hyogo ( 有馬温泉 )


Tokyo,Japan 104

The picture of which I took a picture in winter.
A bird and a flower are beautiful.

In January of this year, I went to a "Setagaya flea market".
It was forgot to upload it.

Komazawa, Setagaya


Hyogo,Japan 001

I've updated the blog for the first time in a long time!

Olympic, it was cheers for good work!
Now, Japan is very hot!
I am likely will melt in the heat ......

Arima, Hyogo ( 有馬温泉 )