Osaka,Japan 002

Osaka castle is Hideyoshi Toyotomi's castle.
So there is also a bronze statue of Hideyoshi Toyotomi in Osaka Castle Park.
A shrine is also next to the Osaka Castle.

"Toyokuni Jinjya / shrine"  Chuou, Osaka ( 豊国神社 )


Nice place in Japan 003

I (Japanese) write it about favorite spots in Japan.
This time is part 3. There are many places I like. → *"PART.1", "PART.2"

Hiroshima, Chiba, Okinawa, Shizuoka.
I'm poor at English. I'm sorry.


There are beautiful history and regrettable history in Hiroshima.

A castle is there.
Hiroshima Peace Memorial is there.
Miyajima is there.

Photos from "Hiroshima,Japan 004"


Hyogo,Japan 009

I'm sorry. A picture of the castle was taken too much.

There are a harbor in Kobe and a town near the Himeji Castle.
It was crowded, so you couldn't come to like a town in Kobe so much.

"Himeji Castle" Himeji, Hyogo ( 姫路城 )


Hyogo,Japan 008

Photo part 3 in "Himeji Castle".

Because it's white, this castle is also called "Egret Castle".
It has been processed, but it's interesting in the castle.

"Himeji Castle" Himeji, Hyogo ( 姫路城 )
"Himeji Castle" Himeji, Hyogo ( 姫路城 )


Hyogo,Japan 007

It is a photograph Part 2 of "Himeji Castle" in the beautiful castle.

Can you see the shape of the window of a triangle?
This is the shape in order to prevent the enemy's attack.

"Himeji Castle" Himeji, Hyogo ( 姫路城 )


Hyogo,Japan 006

"Himeji Castle" is the world's heritage.
The castle is built in for more than 600 years, there are also original parts.

The site is very large. And beautiful.
Barrier and traps to prevent the attack from the enemy to the castle there is a lot.

"Himeji Castle" Himeji, Hyogo ( 姫路城 )


Hyogo,Japan 005

Pictures of "Mt.Shosha Engyo-ji / temple" where movie photography of
"The Last Samurai" was performed are uploaded.

A story of last continuation.
An altitude has this high pile, so the scenery is also nice.

"Mt.Shosha Engyou-ji / temple"
Himeji, Hyogo ( 書写山 円教寺 )