Osaka,Japan 007

"Nishinari area" Part 2.

As expected, there are a lot of street people.
But it's the very good atmosphere for some reason.

"Nishinari Doubutsuen-mae" Osaka ( 動物園前 西成 )


Osaka,Japan 006

"Nishinari area" in Osaka is called "The Japanese Slums".
It was the world like a Thai market rather than the slums.

But, there are a lot of street people.

"Doubutsuen-mae" Nishinari, Osaka ( 西成 動物園前 )


Osaka,Japan 005

"Gocha-Gocha" Part2.

A lot of people! Shop often! The road is narrow!
The building is old! Food is cheap! Mysterious national flag!

"Shinsekai Shopping Road" Naniwa, Osaka ( 新世界 )


Osaka,Japan 004

A festival isn't held. This is Osaka as usual.
I think it's more crowded than Tokyo.
There may be also signs a lot more than Tokyo.

Such view is called "Gocha-Gocha(disorder)" in Japan.

"Shinsekai Shopping Road"  Naniwa, Osaka ( 新世界 )


Osaka,Japan 003

In 1970, an expo was held in Osaka in Japan.
I'm not born yet...

This art object is the design of Mr. Taro Okamoto who is a famous designer.
I also appear on a Japanese cartoon "20th Century Boy".

"Expo’70 Commemorative Park" Osaka( 万博記念公園 )
"Expo’70 Commemorative Park" Osaka( 万博記念公園 )