Kanagawa,Japan 020

I like Kamakura. There is a wild squirrel.
It is one of the places where there are the most temples and shrines in Japan.

But, there are too many people on holidays...

"Kencho-ji / Temple" Kamakura(建長寺)


Kanagawa,Japan 019

It is a ruin like "LOST" of TV drama.
Or, the movie of Ghibli.

By the way, there are bases of the US Navy in Yokosuka.

"Kannnonzaki Park" Yokosuka(観音崎公園)


Kanagawa,Japan 018

Once upon a time, this place was a military facility.
Batteries and facilities for war remain.

Now the sea is a beautiful park.

"Kannonzaki Park" Yokosuka(観音崎公園)


Yamanashi,Japan 106

Yamanashi's nature is beautiful.
Water, forest, flower, river, mountain, Mt. Fuji etc.

My body and mind were washed by it.

"Ashikawa Campsite" Yamanashi(芦川キャンプ場)


Tokyo,Japan 106

I often went to this department store when I was young.
This department store has collapsed.

My childhood memories still remain.
Good bye, my old department store.

"Daiei Himonnya"  Himonnya, Meguro(ダイエー碑文谷店)


Tokyo,Japan 105

A big gorilla came out!
A big gorilla from the top of the building is watching me!

Help me!!!!!!!!!!!lol

"Gorilla Building" Sangenjaya, Setagaya(ゴリラビル)


Osaka,Japan 009

"Osaka Castle" Part 2.

This castle also has an elevator.
That destroys the atmosphere.
But a design kind to the person who has a physical disability.

"Osaka Castle" Chuou, Osaka ( 大阪城 )


Osaka,Japan 008

Osaka-jo/castle was reconstructed.
So the contents are an ordinary present-day building.
I thought a slightly vulgar castle.lol

But the color of the black and the gold color is cool for that.

"Osaka Castle" Chuou, Osaka ( 大阪城 )